Modeling of Adsorption in Finite Cylindrical Pores by Means of Density Functional Theory
Multicomponent Adsorption of Pesticides onto Activated Carbon Fibers
Adsorption and Diffusion Behavior of Ethane and Ethylene in Sol-Gel Derived Microporous Silica
Bridged Polysilsesquioxane Xerogels Functionalizated by Amine- and Thiol- Groups
Influence of Light Scattering by Residual Alumina Nanoparticles on the Analysis of Surfactants Adsorption Using Spectroscopy
Surface Speciation Modeling of Heavy Metals in Kaolin
Enhanced Dye Adsorption by Microemulsion-Modified Calcined Diatomite (μE-CD)
Optimization of Parameters for Cr(VI) Adsorption on Used Black Tea Leaves
Physical Adsorption of H2S Related to the Conservation of Works of Art
Surface P and Al Distribution in P-modified ZSM-5 Zeolites*
Optimization of the Conditions for the Cr (III) Adsorption on Activated Carbon*
Synthesis and Characterization of Silica Gel Particles Functionalized with Bioactive Materials
Evaluation of the Thermodynamic Parameters for the Adsorption of Some Hydrocarbons on Chemically Treated-Bentonites by Inverse Gas Chromatography