Water vapour adsorption and contrast-modified SAXS in microporous polymer-based carbons of different surface chemistry
Ellipsometry porosimetry (EP)
Energy-saving drying technology for porous media using liquefied DME gas
Co-diffusion with a slow species in zeolites
Liquid-liquid phase separation of binary Lennard-Jones fluid in slit nanopores
Development of a new apparatus for gas mixture adsorption measurements coupling gravimetric and chromatographic techniques
Adsorption equilibria of binary ethylmercaptan/hydrocarbon mixtures on a NaX zeolite
Adsorption of volatile hydrocarbons on natural zeolite-clay material
Charge and discharge of methane on phenol-based carbon monolith
Adsorption dynamics of hydrogen sulfide in impregnated activated carbon bed
Competitive adsorption equilibria of CO2 and CH4 on a dry coal
H2 storage in carbon materials
Optimisation-based simulation of a pressure swing adsorption process
Capture of CO2 from flue gas streams with zeolite 13X by vacuum-pressure swing adsorption
Hydrogen separation by multi-bed pressure swing adsorption of synthesis gas
Uptake of lead by carbonaceous adsorbents developed from tire rubber
Adsorption of mercury from single and multicomponent metal systems on activated carbon developed from cherry stones
Separation characteristics of some phenoxy herbicides from aqueous solution
Temperature-swing adsorption of aromatic compounds in water using polyampholyte gel
Theoretical description of aggregation of cationic gemini surfactants in the bulk solution and on the silica surface
Measurement of adsorption of a single component from the liquid phase
New experimental method for the determination of single-component isotherms
Standing wave optimization of SMB using a hybrid simulated annealing and genetic algorithm (SAGA)
Statistical quantification of the influence of material properties on the oxidation and ignition of activated carbons
Optimization of synthesis procedures for structured PSA adsorbents
Structural and energetic properties of carbosils hydrothermally treated in the classical autoclave or the microwave reactor
Textural and surface chemistry of activated bagasse and its role in the removal of chromium ions from solution
Influence of quantum effects on the mechanism of adsorption and phase diagram of rare gases in carbon nanotubes
Direct calculations of the dispersion interaction between fullerenes and their equation for the potential energy
Molecular simulations of water in hydrophobic microporous solids
A molecular simulation study of the distribution of cation in zeolites