Drug transfer in the choroid plexus. Multiplicity and substrate specificities of transporters
The structure of the choroid plexus and the physiology of the choroid plexus epithelium
Detoxification systems, passive and specific transport for drugs at the blood-CSF barrier in normal and pathological situations
Efflux transport systems for organic anions and cations at the blood-CSF barrier
Peptide and peptide analog transport systems at the blood-CSF barrier
Potential role of ABC transporters as a detoxification system at the blood-CSF barrier
Confocal imaging of xenobiotic transport across the choroid plexus
Principles and applicability of CSF sampling for the assessment of CNS drug delivery and pharmacodynamics
Usefulness and limitation of primary cultured porcine choroid plexus epithelial cells as an in vitro model to study drug transport at the blood-CSF barrier
A new in vitro model for blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier transport studies: an immortalized choroid plexus epithelial cell line derived from the tsA58 SV40 large T-antigen gene transgenic rat