HPMA copolymers: 30 years of advances
HPMA copolymers: Origins, early developments, present, and future
Structural and chemical aspects of HPMA copolymers as drug carriers
HPMA copolymer-cyclic RGD conjugates for tumor targeting
Immunogenicity and immunomodulatory properties of HPMA-based polymers
HPMA copolymers for modulating cellular signaling and overcoming multidrug resistance
Improving the efficacy of combined modality anticancer therapy using HPMA copolymer-based nanomedicine formulations
Micelles based on HPMA copolymers
HPMA copolymers for masking and retargeting of therapeutic viruses
Molecular imaging of HPMA copolymers: Visualizing drug delivery in cell, mouse and man
Beyond oncology — Application of HPMA copolymers in non-cancerous diseases
Do HPMA copolymer conjugates have a future as clinically useful nanomedicines? A critical overview of current status and future opportunities