Therapeutic cell delivery for in situ regenerative medicine ☆
Carbohydrate engineered cells for regenerative medicine ☆
Genetically modified cells in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering ☆
Therapeutic cell delivery and fate control in hydrogels and hydrogel hybrids ☆
Microcapsules and microcarriers for in situ cell delivery ☆
Nanomaterials for in situ cell delivery and tissue regeneration ☆
Potential of endogenous regenerative technology for in situ regenerative medicine ☆
Scaffold-free cell delivery for use in regenerative medicine ☆
Cell delivery therapeutics for musculoskeletal regeneration ☆
Cellular cardiomyoplasty and cardiac tissue engineering for myocardial therapy ☆
Cell-delivery therapeutics for adipose tissue regeneration ☆
Cell-delivery therapeutics for liver regeneration ☆
Bioartificial pancreas ☆
Cell and drug delivery therapeutics for controlled renal parenchyma regeneration ☆