From tissue engineering to regenerative medicine-the potential and the pitfalls
In vitro human tissue models - moving towards personalized regenerative medicine
RNA interference therapy via functionalized scaffolds
Electrospun cellular microenvironments: Understanding controlled release and scaffold structure
Substrates for cardiovascular tissue engineering
Aortic valve disease and treatment: The need for naturally engineered solutions
Lessons from (patho)physiological tissue stiffness and their implications for drug screening, drug delivery and regenerative medicine
Applying macromolecular crowding to enhance extracellular matrix deposition and its remodeling in vitro for tissue engineering and cell-based therapies
Co-culture systems for vascularization - Learning from nature
Vascularization is the key challenge in tissue engineering
Vascular tissue engineering: Towards the next generation vascular grafts
Induced pluripotent stem cells for regenerative cardiovascular therapies and biomedical discovery
The challenges and promises of blood engineered from human pluripotent stem cells
Regeneration of cartilage and bone by defined subsets of mesenchymal stromal cells-Potential and pitfalls
Skin tissue engineering- In vivo and in vitro applications
Tracheobronchial bio-engineering: Biotechnology fulfilling unmet medical needs
From tissue engineering to regenerative medicine in urology - The potential and the pitfalls
Regenerative medicine of the kidney
Applications of multiphoton tomographs and femtosecond laser nanoprocessing microscopes in drug delivery research