Layer-by-layer self-assembled nanoshells for drug delivery
Introduction to nanocoatings produced by layer-by-layer (LbL) self-assembly
Remote control over guidance and release properties of composite polyelectrolyte based capsules
Stimuli-responsive LbL capsules and nanoshells for drug delivery
Polymeric multilayer capsules delivering biotherapeutics
Layer-by-layer self-assembled shells for drug delivery
Layer-by-layer capsules for magnetic resonance imaging and drug delivery
Magnetic nanomaterials for hyperthermia-based therapy and controlled drug delivery
pH- and sugar-sensitive layer-by-layer films and microcapsules for drug delivery
Polymer assemblies for controlled delivery of bioactive molecules from surfaces
LbL coated microcapsules for delivering lipid-based drugs
Drug-loaded polyelectrolyte microcapsules for sustained targeting of cancer cells