Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Perspective from the founding editors
Historical perspective on advanced drug delivery: How engineering design and mathematical modeling helped the field mature
Stimuli-responsive polymers: Biomedical applications and challenges for clinical translation
Hydrogels for delivery of bioactive agents: A historical perspective
Nanoparticles in drug delivery: Past, present and future
Immunoconjugates and long circulating systems: Origins, current state of the art and future directions
Liposomal drug delivery systems: From concept to clinical applications
Polymer–drug conjugates: Origins, progress to date and future directions
Polymer therapeutics-prospects for 21st century: The end of the beginning
The EPR effect for macromolecular drug delivery to solid tumors: Improvement of tumor uptake, lowering of systemic toxicity, and distinct tumor imaging in vivo
Cancer nanomedicines: So many papers and so few drugs!
Perspectives on the interface of drug delivery and tissue engineering
Inorganic nanosystems for therapeutic delivery: Status and prospects
Devices for overcoming biological barriers: The use of physical forces to disrupt the barriers
Advanced materials and processing for drug delivery: The past and the future
Targeting receptor-mediated endocytotic pathways with nanoparticles: Rationale and advances
Pharmacokinetic considerations for targeted drug delivery