Modeling the human skin barrier—Towards a better understanding of dermal absorption ☆
Modeling the human skin barrier — Towards a better understanding of dermal absorption ☆
Mathematical and pharmacokinetic modelling of epidermal and dermal transport processes ☆
Detailed modeling of skin penetration—An overview ☆
Application of numerical methods for diffusion-based modeling of skin permeation ☆
Design and performance of a spreadsheet-based model for estimating bioavailability of chemicals from dermal exposure ☆
Breaching the skin barrier — Insights from molecular simulation of model membranes ☆
Improved input parameters for diffusion models of skin absorption ☆
Predicting skin permeability from complex vehicles ☆
Finite and infinite dosing: Difficulties in measurements, evaluations and predictions ☆
Recent advances in predicting skin permeability of hydrophilic solutes ☆
Predicting the absorption of chemical vapours ☆
Mathematical models to describe iontophoretic transport in vitro and in vivo and the effect of current application on the skin barrier ☆