Design production and characterization of drug delivery systems by Lab-on-a-Chip technology☆
Design, fabrication and characterization of drug delivery systems based on lab-on-a-chip technology☆
Multiphase flow microfluidics for the production of single or multiple emulsions for drug delivery☆
Building functional materials for health care and pharmacy from microfluidic principles and Flow Focusing☆
Lab-on-a-chip synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials and quantum dots for biomedical applications☆
Microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip preparation routes for organic nanoparticles and vesicular systems for nanomedicine applications☆
Preparation of cell-encapsulation devices in confined microenvironment☆
On-chip investigation of cell–drug interactions☆
Microfluidics-assisted in vitro drug screening and carrier production☆
Dielectrophoresis: An assessment of its potential to aid the research and practice of drug discovery and delivery☆
Ultrasound assisted particle and cell manipulation on-chip☆
BioMEMS in drug delivery☆
Industrial lab-on-a-chip: Design, applications and scale-up for drug discovery and delivery☆