Improving the efficacy of inhaled drugs for severe lung diseases: Emerging pulmonary delivery strategies ☆
Emerging inhalation aerosol devices and strategies: Where are we headed? ☆
Technological and practical challenges of dry powder inhalers and formulations ☆
Dry powders for oral inhalation free of lactose carrier particles ☆
Lipid-based carriers for pulmonary products: Preclinical development and case studies in humans ☆
Delivery strategies for sustained drug release in the lungs ☆
Improving the efficacy of inhaled drugs in cystic fibrosis: Challenges and emerging drug delivery strategies ☆
siRNA Delivery to the lung: What's new? ☆
Carrier interactions with the biological barriers of the lung: Advanced in vitro models and challenges for pulmonary drug delivery ☆
Emerging aerosol drug delivery strategies: From bench to clinic ☆