Drug delivery to bony tissue
Extracellular signaling molecules to promote fracture healing and bone regeneration
Targeted delivery as key for the success of small osteoinductive molecules
Dual-controlled release system of drugs for bone regeneration
Extracellular matrix-inspired growth factor delivery systems for bone regeneration
Biomaterial strategies for engineering implants for enhanced osseointegration and bone repair
Biomimetic supramolecular designs for the controlled release of growth factors in bone regeneration
Controlled release of drugs in electrosprayed nanoparticles for bone tissue engineering
Silicon oxide based materials for controlled release in orthopedic procedures
Improving vascularization of engineered bone through the generation of pro-angiogenic effects in co-culture systems
Strategies to engineer tendon/ligament-to-bone interface: Biomaterials, cells and growth factors
Experimental models of bone metastasis: Opportunities for the study of cancer dormancy
Preclinical testing of drug delivery systems to bone