Amorphous Pharmaceutical Solids
Surface mobility of molecular glasses and its importance in physical stability
Structural and thermodynamic aspects of plasticization and antiplasticization in glassy encapsulation and biostabilization matrices
Spray drying formulation of amorphous solid dispersions
Perspectives on the amorphisation/milling relationship in pharmaceutical materials
Recent developments in micro- and nanofabrication techniques for the preparation of amorphous pharmaceutical dosage forms
Amorphous solid dispersions: Rational selection of a manufacturing process
Amorphous powders for inhalation drug delivery
Recent advances in co-amorphous drug formulations
Unintended and in situ amorphisation of pharmaceuticals
Recent developments in the Raman and infrared investigations of amorphous pharmaceuticals and protein formulations: A review
Direct measurement of molecular mobility and crystallisation of amorphous pharmaceuticals using terahertz spectroscopy
Recent developments in the experimental investigations of relaxations in pharmaceuticals by dielectric techniques at ambient and elevated pressure
Recent advances in the characterization of amorphous pharmaceuticals by X-ray diffractometry
Crystalline mesophases: Structure, mobility, and pharmaceutical properties