Editorial: Graphene-based materials in nanomedicine
Toxicology of graphene-based nanomaterials ☆
Interactions of graphene with mammalian cells: Molecular mechanisms and biomedical insights ☆
Graphene and the immune system: Challenges and potentiality ☆
Antibacterial applications of graphene-based nanomaterials: Recent achievements and challenges ☆
Functionalized graphene nanocomposites for enhancing photothermal therapy in tumor treatment ☆
Graphene-based nanosheets for delivery of chemotherapeutics and biological drugs ☆
Stimuli responsive drug delivery systems based on nano-graphene for cancer therapy ☆
Graphene-based nanomaterials for bioimaging ☆
Graphene-based materials for tissue engineering ☆
Biosensors based on graphene oxide and its biomedical application ☆