Radiotherapy for Cancer: Present and Future
Stereotactic ablative body radiosurgery (SABR) or Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)☆
Advancements in brachytherapy☆
Proton therapy – Present and future☆
Molecular targeting of hypoxia in radiotherapy☆
Cancer stem cells: Radioresistance, prediction of radiotherapy outcome and specific targets for combined treatments☆
Integrating chemoradiation and molecularly targeted therapy☆
Gold nanoparticles for applications in cancer radiotherapy: Mechanisms and recent advancements☆
Radioimmunotherapy of cancer with high linear energy transfer (LET) radiation delivered by radionuclides emitting α-particles or Auger electrons☆
Radiation effects on the tumor microenvironment: Implications for nanomedicine delivery☆
Decision support systems for personalized and participative radiation oncology☆