Molecular imaging for precision medicine
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Molecular imaging of the tumor microenvironment☆
Molecular imaging of the extracellular matrix in the context of atherosclerosis☆
Imaging the pharmacology of nanomaterials by intravital microscopy: Toward understanding their biological behavior☆
Investigation of endosome and lysosome biology by ultra pH-sensitive nanoprobes☆
Activatable fluorescence: From small molecule to nanoparticle☆
Nanoparticle design considerations for molecular imaging of apoptosis: Diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic value☆,☆☆
Vascular targeting of nanoparticles for molecular imaging of diseased endothelium☆
Positron emission tomography and nanotechnology: A dynamic duo for cancer theranostics☆
Covalent nano delivery systems for selective imaging and treatment of brain tumors☆
Opportunities for new CT contrast agents to maximize the diagnostic potential of emerging spectral CT technologies☆