Nano-Graphene Oxide: A Potential Multifunctional Platform for Cancer Therapy
Large-Scale Fabrication of Free-Standing, Micropatterned Silica Nanotubes Via a Hybrid Hydrogel-Templated Route
Switchable Antimicrobial and Antifouling Hydrogels with Enhanced Mechanical Properties
A Diamond Nanoneedle Array for Potential High-Throughput Intracellular Delivery
Fabrication of Nature-Inspired Microfluidic Network for Perfusable Tissue Constructs
A Self-Adjuvanting Supramolecular Vaccine Carrying a Folded Protein Antigen
A Neutral Envelope-Type Nanoparticle Containing pH-Responsive and SS-Cleavable Lipid-Like Material as a Carrier for Plasmid DNA
Rapid, Guanosine 5'-Diphosphate-Induced, Gelation of Chitosan Sponges as Novel Injectable Scaffolds for Soft Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Applications
Bulk Manufacture of Concentrated Oxygen Gas-Filled Microparticles for Intravenous Oxygen Delivery
Bio-Origami Hydrogel Scaffolds Composed of Photocrosslinked PEG Bilayers
Integration of Scaffolds into Full-Thickness Skin Wounds: The Connexin Response
Tunable Substrates Unveil Chemical Complementation of a Genetic Cell Migration Defect
An Electrochemically Actuated MEMS Device for Individualized Drug Delivery: an In Vitro Study