Extracellular Stiffness Modulates the Expression of Functional Proteins and Growth Factors in Endothelial Cells
Bright Lu2O3:Eu Thin-Film Scintillators for High-Resolution Radioluminescence Microscopy
Visible Light-Triggered On-Demand Drug Release from Hybrid Hydrogels and its Application in Transdermal Patches
Magnetic Nanoparticles Labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Pragmatic Solution toward Targeted Cancer Theranostics
Combination Growth Factor Therapy via Electrostatically Assembled Wound Dressings Improves Diabetic Ulcer Healing In Vivo
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One-Pot Fabrication of Dendritic NiO@carbon–nitrogen Dot Electrodes for Screening Blood Glucose Level in Diabetes
Adhesion Prevention after Laminectomy Using Silk-Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogels
Biodegradable Antimicrobial Polycarbonates with In Vivo Efficacy against Multidrug-Resistant MRSA Systemic Infection
89Zr- and Fe-Labeled Polymeric Micelles for Dual Modality PET and T1-Weighted MR Imaging
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Shell Cleavable Dendritic Polyglycerol Sulfates Show High Anti-Inflammatory Properties by Inhibiting L-Selectin Binding and Complement Activation
Multimodal Nanoparticle for Primary Tumor Delineation and Lymphatic Metastasis Mapping in a Head-and-Neck Cancer Rabbit Model
Nanoporous Metal–Phenolic Particles as Ultrasound Imaging Probes for Hydrogen Peroxide