Polymer Surface Interacts with Calcium in Aqueous Media to Induce Stem Cell Assembly
A Silk Sericin/Silicone Nerve Guidance Conduit Promotes Regeneration of a Transected Sciatic Nerve
Endogenous Stimuli-Sensitive Multistage Polymeric Micelleplex Anticancer Drug Delivery System for Efficient Tumor Penetration and Cellular Internalization
Tuning of Collagen Scaffold Properties Modulates Embedded Endothelial Cell Regulatory Phenotype in Repair of Vascular Injuries In Vivo
Application of Monodirectional Janus Patch to Oromucosal Delivery System
Electrospun Polycaprolactone 3D Nanofibrous Scaffold with Interconnected and Hierarchically Structured Pores for Bone Tissue Engineering
Multifunctional Theranostic Nanoplatform for Cancer Combined Therapy Based on Gold Nanorods
Hydrolytically Degradable Hyperbranched PEG-Polyester Adhesive with Low Swelling and Robust Mechanical Properties
Effect of Shape, Size, and Aspect Ratio on Nanoparticle Penetration and Distribution inside Solid Tissues Using 3D Spheroid Models
Facile Fabrication of Egg White Macroporous Sponges for Tissue Regeneration
Engineering Cell-Compatible Paper Chips for Cell Culturing, Drug Screening, and Mass Spectrometric Sensing
Synthesis and Characterization of a Self-Fluorescent Hyaluronic Acid–Based Gel for Dermal Applications
Spatially Organized Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells within Biphasic Microparticle-Incorporated High Cell Density Osteochondral Tissues