A Tribute to Professor Kahp-Yang Suh (1972 – 2013)
Engineering Stem Cells for Biomedical Applications
Bottom-Up Engineering of Well-Defined 3D Microtissues Using Microplatforms and Biomedical Applications
STAPLE: Stable Alginate Gel Prepared by Linkage Exchange from Ionic to Covalent Bonds
Cephalopod-Inspired Miniaturized Suction Cups for Smart Medical Skin
M13 Bacteriophage and Adeno-Associated Virus Hybrid for Novel Tissue Engineering Material with Gene Delivery Functions
Dual Release Carriers for Cochlear Delivery
Intracellular Delivery of Bioactive Cargos to Hard-to-Transfect Cells Using Carbon Nanosyringe Arrays under an Applied Centrifugal g -Force
Photocrosslinkable Gelatin Hydrogel for Epidermal Tissue Engineering
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Epidermal Heat Flux Sensors for Measurements of Core Body Temperature
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Whitlockite Biocompatibility: Comparative Study with Hydroxyapatite and β -Tricalcium Phosphate
Electroconductive Nanopatterned Substrates for Enhanced Myogenic Differentiation and Maturation
Patterning of Fibroblast and Matrix Anisotropy within 3D Confinement is Driven by the Cytoskeleton
Engineering-Aligned 3D Neural Circuit in Microfluidic Device
Rapid Optical Cavity PCR
Dermal Patch with Integrated Flexible Heater for on Demand Drug Delivery