Specialism in Nursing
Diploma-prepared nurses' use of technological equipment in clinical practice
Are there too many alarms in the intensive care unit? An overview of the problems
Problems of cardiac patients in early recovery
Evaluation of a breast examination facilitation device
Sensing an improvement
The process of learning in dementia-carer support programmes
Perpetuation of ageist attitudes among present and future health care personnel
Preventing child maltreatment through community nursing
Perceived functions and usefulness of health service support workers
Nurses' power in interactions with patients
Patient autonomy and the politics of professional relationships
The relationship between health and social support in caregiving wives as perceived by significant others
Struggling to maintain balance
Hildegard Peplau meets family systems nursing
Quality nursing care
Occupational low-back pain in nursing staff in a Greek hospital
Violence content in nursing curricula
Changes in student learning styles and adaptive learning competencies following a senior preceptorship experience
Understanding barriers to basing nursing practice upon research
HIV and the boundaries of confidentiality
A sociological analysis of the extent and influence of professional socialization on the development of a nursing identity among nursing students at two universities in Brisbane, Australia
The impact of perceived medical dominance on the workplace satisfaction of Australian and British nurses
Theory from practice for practice
Pharmacology for Nursing Care
Alongside the Person in Pain
The Care of Wounds
Urological Nursing
Living Sexuality (Issues for Nursing and Health)
Interpretive Phenomenology
Seclusion and Mental Health
The Handbook of Psychotherapy
Project Management and Control
The Research Experience in Nursing
Nursing Research
Unifying Nursing Practice and Theory