Listening to Children
Search for meaning in long-term cancer survivors
Changing nurses' pain assessment practice
Health and memory in people over 50
Gender differences in care delivery and supervisory relationship
Older women's attitudes to cervical screening and cervical cancer
Low-intensity, range-of-motion exercise
The process of social support
Feminist teaching and the older nurse
Women's experiences of rheumatoid arthritis
Unequal access to midwifery care
The process of analysis during a grounded theory study of men during their partners' pregnancies
Parental participation in care
The application of the ideas of Frantz Fanon to the practice of mental health nursing
Meaning attached to compliance with self-care, and conditions for compliance among young diabetics
Evaluating clinical educators
Nursing faculty practice
Collegiality, adaptation and nursing faculty
Staff perceptions of organization change of treatment delivery on an addiction unit
Continuing professional education
Planning nursing education for the 21st century
Talking realistically about nursing
Hindsight bias in reflective practice
Managerial strategy and nursing commitment in Australian hospitals
Correlates of nursing diagnosis quality in public health nursing
Living With a Sick Child in Hospital
Understanding Patients
Physiology and Anatomy
Deciding Ethically
Nursing Management
Nursing Research in Action
The Burford NDU Model
Being Cared For
Complementary Medicine for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors
Pediatric Emergency Nursing Manual
Nursing Informatics