Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Health
Advanced nursing practice
Humpty Dumpty
Mapping knowledge in chronic illness
Long-term care nurses' moral convictions
Nurses' knowledge and beliefs about continence interventions in long-term care
Nurses' skills in managing ethically difficult care situations
Written patient information
Science, technology, caring and the professions
Progress in measuring nursing outcomes
Sleep in hospitals at night
The practice nurse
Interviews in qualitative nursing research
Academic rigour in the lived experience of researchers using phenomenological methods in nursing
Sociology and the nursing curriculum
Crossing the boundaries-experiences of neophyte nurses
Preceptors' perceptions of benefits, rewards, supports and commitment to the preceptor role
Clinical support and the Project 2000 nursing student
The implementation of Project 2000 in the community
Nurse educators' perceptions of reflection and reflective practice
Can concept mapping be used to promote meaningful learning in nurse education?
Politics and nursing
The nurse as mediator of pollution
A synthesis of caring praxis and critical social theory in an emancipatory curriculum
Care, attention and imaginative identification in nursing practice
The process of empowerment in mothers of chronically ill children
Workloads, Pay and Morale of Qualified Nurses in 1994
Exploring our Environmental Connections
Nursing Ethics
Nursing the Orthopaedic Patient
Changes in Primary Health Care Clinical Education
Effective Group Practice in Midwifery
Infection Control. A Community Perspective