Working with People with Learning Disabilities
The cognitive component of nursing assessment
The nursing process re-examined
Measurement systems in principle and in practice
Framing learning through reflection within Carper's fundamental ways of knowing in nursing
Young children's behavioural responses to acute pain
A study of the attitudes of nurses to parental involvement in the initial child-protection conference, and their preparation for it
The changing profile of acute childhood illness
AIDS/HIV awareness training for young people with severe learning difficulties
In health visiting, a routine visit is one that has passed
Nursing as the promotion of well-being
Attributions for illness and treatment interventions by community nurses
The relationship of health locus of control and cardiac rehabilitation to mastery of illness-related stress
Registered nurses' perceptions of gerontological continuing education needs in the United Kingdom and in the USA
The experience of bereavement in older adults
Satisfying solutions? A review of some unresolved issues in the measurement of patient satisfaction
Role, role enactment and the health care practitioner
A review of pressure damage prevention strategies
Technology and the lifeworld of critical care nursing
The Claybury community psychiatric nurse stress study
Nurse-physician collaboration
Student nurse wastage
Uncertainties in the teaching of ethics to students of nursing
The politics of nursing
Project 2000
Simon's Nursing Assessment (Manual)-For the Care of Older People With Dementia
Breast Cancer
Measuring Disease
Community 'Prep' Conference Report
The Psychology of Nursing Care
Professional Ethics and Organisational Change in Education and Health
Whistleblowing in the Health Service
The A-Z Reference Book of Childhood Conditions
The Legal Aspects of Midwifery
The Emotional Effects of Childbirth
Made to Care
Conference held at The Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland, 23-25 February 1995, organized by Foresterhill College, Aberdeen, on the theme 'The Changing Context of Nursing and Midwifery Education'