Multidisciplinary collaboration
The family dynamics of childbearing and childrearing families in Finland
Governing childbirth
Breastfeeding duration
Social support
A study to identify the attitudes and needs of qualified staff concerning the use of research findings in clinical practice within mental health care settings
The relationship between a medium secure environment and occupational stress in forensic psychiatric nurses
Nursing leaders' and nurses' view of health
Nurses' knowledge and beliefs about AIDS
How do nurses inspire and instil hope in terminally ill HIV patients?
Feminist research
Some surprising similarities in the clinical reasoning of 'expert' and 'novice' orthopaedic nurses
The nature of ophthalmic services, and the education and qualifications of nurses
Cardiac nurses' preparedness to use self-help groups as a support strategy
A study of the perception and experiences of critical care nurses in caring for potential and actual organ donors
Unbearable incidents
Patient-centred evaluation and rehabilitative care
A view from somewhere
Humanism and positivism in nursing
Evaluating individual performance in higher education
Analysing qualitative interview data
A hermeneutic study of the experiences of relatives of critically ill patients
Deputed power of medical control
A Dictionary of Nursing Theory and Research
Theory and Practice in Health and Social Welfare
Key Aspects of Caring for the Acutely Ill
Empowering Practice in Social Care
Evaluating the Quality of Care
Anaesthesia A-Z
Nursing Theories
Nursing Law and Ethics
Nursing and Social Change
The Legacy of War