The Merger of United Kingdom Colleges of Nursing with University Departments of Nursing
Functional health status and instrumental activities of daily living performance in noninstitutionalized elderly people
Undernutrition and elderly hospital patients
Pain and elderly patients
Relationship between elderly carers and the older adult with learning disabilities
Adjustment and social behaviour in older adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
A presentation of a conceptual framework and its use in the definition of nursing development within a number of nursing development units
Nursing development units
The experience of reassurance
Training hospice nurses to elicit patient concerns
Cultural perspectives of grief
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'Coffee & condoms'
An analysis of the concept of empowerment
How nurses in a stroke rehabilitation unit attempt to meet the psychological needs of patients who become depressed following a stroke
Australian registered nurse medical device education
An evaluation of a Canadian peer-driven injury prevention programme for high-risk adolescents
The use of qualitative methods in the study of parents' experiences of care on a children's surgical ward
Understanding the needs of relatives of patients within a special hospital for mentally disordered offenders
The factors influencing organ donation
Problem-based learning in an undergraduate nursing programme
Exploring the process of data acquisition
A study of nurses' attitudes towards research
The similarities and differences between nurses with different career choice profiles
Gender differences in career progress in nursing
The changing role and work of British nurse tutors
Clinical evaluation-difficulties experienced by sessional clinical teachers of nursing
Guy's Hospital 1995-96 Nursing Drug Reference With Applications In Health Sciences
Qualitative Research Methods for Health Professionals
An Evaluation of Nursing Developments in Continence Care
Mental Health Issues in Primary Care
Constructive Criticism
Advancing King's Systems Framework and Theory of Nursing
The Cardiac Patient
Patient-Centred Medicine
Nursing Ethics Through the Life Span
Psychiatric Nursing and Project 2000
Critique of Collaboration