Barriers to Research Utilization
From research to practice
Validity in qualitative health care research
Grounded theory as feminist research methodology
Action research as a professionalizing strategy
Swedish midwives' awareness of, attitudes to and use of selected research findings
The organization of clinical supervision within the nursing profession
A critical reflection on the personal impact of managerial hegemony within nurse education
Information needs and sources of information for women with breast cancer
Women's experience of living with cancer
The pre- and postsurgical nursing of women with stress incontinence
The effects of terminal illness on patients and their carers
Client views on periodic health examinations
An exploratory study of recipients' perceptions of bone marrow transplantation
An investigation into the application and maintenance of Hamilton Russell traction on three orthopaedic wards
Perceptions of physical fitness and exercise activity among older adults
Bladder instillations and bladder washouts in the management of catheterized patients
An investigation into nurses' perceptions of secluding patients on closed psychiatric wards
A critique of multiculturalism in health care
Critical care nurse satisfaction with levels of involvement in clinical decisions
The learning career in the community setting
New meanings
International comparison of baccalaureate nursing degrees
Nurse teacher's clinical work
An investigation into how the health care assistants perceive their role as 'support workers' to the qualified staff
Postgraduate education in nursing
A history of nursing
A Virginia Henderson Reader
HIV Care
Community Psychiatric Nursing
Community Health Care Nursing
Towards Independence and Choice. A Review of Policy Guidance and Standards of Care for Elderly People
Gerontologic Nursing
Reshaping Dementia Care
Foundations of Nursing Theory
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Practical Forensic Psychiatry
The Question of Being
III European Congress of Gerontology