The social body and biomechanical body
Intuition and expertise
Critical aspects of nursing in aged and extended care
A nursing perspective on the interrelationships between theory, research and practice
The theory/practice 'gap'
The research basis of health care decision making
An exploration of the influence of managerial factors on research utilization in district nursing practice
Hermeneutic phenomenology
Using the diffusion of innovation model to influence practice
Processes in the creation and diffusion of nursing knowledge
Agency and research team co-operation
Parent participation
The subculture of adolescence
Measuring patients' satisfaction with nursing
Social support and the patient with cancer
Nursing assessment of clients at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Case study of a female client on a regional secure unit
Chronic illness and the family life-cycle
Caring for a parent with Alzheimer's disease
Ongoing work of older adults at home after hospitalization
Considering nursing resource as 'caring time'
The effect of ward design on the well-being of post-operative patients
Is there a relationship between job satisfaction and absenteeism?
The lived experience of clinical educators
Nursing Care of Adults
Advanced Practice Nursing
Action Research for Health and Social Care; A Guide to Practice; Nursing Replay
The Ideology of Community Care
Nursing Diagnostic Handbook
Improving the Patient's Lot
Medicine and Nursing
Sharpening the Focus
Exploring the Skills of Mental Health Nurses
The Deconstruction of Nursing
Nursing Care of Children
Qualitative Research in Health and Social Care