Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia
Pain management knowledge of hospital-based nurses in a rural Appalachian area
Language and pain expression
Stressors, coping mechanisms and quality of life among dialysis patients in Australia
Helping the vulnerable or condoning control within the family
Clinical guidelines
Making sense of it
Non-necessary touch in the nursing care of elderly people
Working with vulnerable families
Community psychiatric nurse education in the United Kingdom
The development of community psychiatric nursing
Primary health care team workshop
Promoting participation of informal caregivers in the hospital care of the elderly patient
Kitwood's approach to dementia and dementia care
The biomedical construction of ageing
Caring, curing, coping
Nurses' perceptions of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and sufferers of IBS
The diagnosis of foetal distress
The women's health agenda
Nursing students' experiences caring for cognitively impaired elderly people
Participation in continuing professional education in nursing
Quantitative methods in nursing research
A quasi-experimental research to investigate the retention of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills and knowledge by qualified nurses following a course in professional development
The use of the Nominal Group Technique in research with community nurses
Nursing theory
The practitioner-teacher
Health care and nursing in Romania
Integrity Promoting Care of Demented Patients
Loners. The Life Path of Unusual Children
Pocket Guide to Nursing Diagnoses
Voices Off
Nurses in Practice
Staff Development and Organisational Change
Flow Diagrams in Advanced Cancer and Other Diseases
Investing in Women's Health
Care of the Ophthalmic Patient. A Guide for Nurses and Health Professionals
The Common Sense for a First Course in Statistics
'A' is for-A.P.E.L.? National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit Report 1994
Concept of Grief
An Apology from Australia