The Patients Charter
Analysis of Akinsanya's model of bionursing
Biological sciences in Project 2000
The practitioner-teacher
Entry age, entry mode and academic performance on a Project 2000 common foundation programme
'I love my work, but...'
Teaching metaphors of student nurses
Teacher-induced countertransference in clinical teaching
The clinical role of the nurse teacher
'Knowing the patient'
Culture and the self
Looking at discourse in a literature review of nursing texts
A concept analysis of empathy
A focus group inquiry into the perceptions of primary health care teams and the provision of health care for adults with a learning disability living in the community
A descriptive study of the work of community psychiatric nurses with elderly demented people
Health maintenance for the independent frail older adult
Meaning of illness for women with breast cancer
Social support provided by nurses to recent mothers on a maternity ward
Do women want women health workers? Women's views of the primary health care service
Breast self-care practices in women with primary relatives with breast cancer
Ethnic differences in risk factors associated with genital human papillomavirus infections
Patients' perspectives and experiences of day case surgery
Work-related back pain in nurses
A computer-aided comparative study of progressive alertness changes in nurses working two different night-shift rotas
Do programmes of medicine self-administration enhance patient knowledge, compliance and satisfaction?
Nurses' conceptualizations of caring attitudes and behaviours
Psychiatric nursing
Coping With Depression and Elation
Psychology of Health
Coping Successfully with Pain
Comprehensive Coronary Care
Choices in Health Policy
Nursing Research in Cancer Care
Treating Victims of Crime
Nursing's Relationship with medicine
Psychology for Nurses and Health Care Professionals
Nursing and Health-Care Research
Feedback-Sociology and the nursing curriculum