Addiction Nursing and Substance Misuse
Maternal thinking in dementia care
Effects of an environmental manipulation emphasizing client-centred care on agitation and sleep in dementia sufferers in a nursing home
Nursing attitudes to the care of elderly patients at risk of continuing hospital care
Functional status of the oldest-old in a home setting
Health within illness
Expressed emotion on long-stay wards
General satisfaction and satisfaction with nursing communication on an adult psychiatric ward
Establishing good practices in continuing care
Negotiating the role of the practice nurse in general practice
The family interview
An exploration of parental perception of the nature and level of support needed to care for their child with special needs*
Perceived professional support and the use of blocking behaviours by hospice nurses
Making information accessible
Professional nursing care in Tanzania
Effects of critical care unit noise on the subjective quality of sleep
Qualified nurses lack adequate knowledge related to oral health, resulting in inadequate oral care of patients on medical wards
Patient participation
How not to clarify concepts in nursing
The politics of phenomenological concepts in nursing
The concept of hardiness
Humans, information and science
Concerns of nurse educators regarding the implementation of a major curriculum reform
The study of biology as a cause of anxiety in student nurses undertaking the common foundation programme
Student evaluation
Managing policy research in nursing*
My Fifty Years in Nursing
Policy Handbook for Nurses
Infertility-Nursing and Caring
Health Promotion (Professional Perspectives)
The Advanced Practice Nurse
Depression in General Practice
Expertise in Nursing Practice
Essential Practice in Patient-Centred Care
Quality Assurance in Nursing Practice
Towards Advanced Nursing Practice
Collaborative Community Mental Health Care
A contribution to the emergency care debate in the United Kingdom by the King's Fund