Space, Time and Radical Imagination
Attributes of nurses that determine the quality of care for mentally handicapped people in an institution
Attitudes of nurses in a general hospital towards people with learning disabilities
Using individual and group reflection in and on assessment as a tool for effective learning
Visualizing and realizing caring in practice through guided reflection
Factors affecting the assessment of postoperative pain
Are non-pharmacological nursing interventions for the management of pain effective?-A meta-analysis*
The patients' experiences of their chronic non-malignant pain
Patient knowledge and information concerning medication on discharge from hospital
An analysis of the concept of humour and its application to one aspect of children's nursing
Child-related services in general accident and emergency departments
Mental health intensive care
Does the Nursing Care Plan help in the management of psychiatric risk?
Group and single-subject evaluation of a programme to promote self-care in elderly nursing home residents
Evaluation of health promotion activities in community nursing practice
Knowledge, skills and experiences for community health nursing practice
Incorporating outpatient perceptions into definitions of quality
An analysis of the concept 'patient satisfaction' as it relates to contemporary nursing care
The influence of bilateral orchiectomy on self-concept
The clinical role of the nurse teacher
Nursing lecturer/practitioners
The clinical nurse manager
Nursing students' perceptions of difficult or challenging clinical situations
Education commissioning by consortia
A phenomenological study of the nature of empathy
The value to nursing research of Gadamer's hermeneutic philosophy
Going to extremes
Palliative Medicine-symptomatic and supportive care for patients with advanced cancer and AIDS
Review of critical care nursing
Nursing for Continence (1996)
Addictive Behaviour
Behavioural Sciences for Health Professionals
Nursing, Health and the Environment
Nursing Negligence
Physiology for Nursing Practice
Glasgow College of Nursing & Midwifery (East Division). Midwifery Practice. Care Topics 1
Epidemiology Nursing and Health Care
The Professional Development of Students in the New Nursing Program of 1993 (Studenternas professionella utveckling i det nya sjukskoterskeprogrammet 1993)
Certification and regulation of advanced practice nurses