Virginia Avenell Henderson RN MA FAAN FRCN
Quality indicators in clinical nursing
Finding your way around qualitative methods in nursing research
Observations on the neglected concept of intervention in nursing research
Evaluation of a nurse-led acute pain service. Can clinical nurse specialists make a difference?
The art of nursing in a 'postmodern' context
Health as an individual's way of existence
Parkinson's disease symptoms-patients' perceptions
Getting sick and getting well
Survivors of acute leukaemia and highly malignant lymphoma-retrospective views of daily life problems during treatment and when in remission
A comparison study of children with sickle cell disease and their non-diseased siblings on hopelessness, depression, and perceived competence
The caring dimensions inventory (CDI)
Social support
Liaison mental health nursing
Caring for a demented elderly person-burden and burnout among caregiving relatives
Snapshots of experience
The trait and process of resilience
Advocacy in nursing-a review of the literature
'Mom, I have something to tell you'-disclosing HIV infection
A critical review of the literature on sharps injuries
Acting at a disaster site
Sexual harassment in nursing
Sexual health promotion and nursing
The practice of health education in acute care settings in Hong Kong
Nursing culture-some viewpoints
The practice-based context of educational innovation
Retention of nursing students with English as a second language
Getting into Nursing and Midwifery
Life Before Birth-The Challenges of Fetal Development (2nd edn)
Depression after Childbirth-How to recognise, treat and prevent postnatal depression (3rd edn)
Selected Writings of Rosemary Ellis-in Search of the Meaning of Nursing Science
Cancer Pain Relief-With a Guide to Opioid Availability (2nd edn)
Qualitative Research for Nurses
Changing Eating and Exercise Behaviour-a Handbook for Professionals
Virulence Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogens (2nd edn)
Handbook of Obstetric Management
Celebration; A Story of Suffering and Joy
Sudden Death-A Research Base for Practice (2nd edn)
The Lothian College of Health Studies 1st Biennial International Nursing and Midwifery Conference 'Developing Professional Roles in Practice' held at The Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, 10-12 April 1996