Contrasts in Professional Progress in the United Kingdom
Tube feeding dilemmas
Using patients
Nurses' reflections on problems associated with decision-making in critical care settings
Death, poetry, psychotherapy and clinical supervision (the contribution of psychodynamic psychotherapy to palliative care nursing) *
A phenomenological investigation into the role of the clinical nurse specialist
Advanced neonatal nurse practitioners in the United Kingdom
Clinical decision-making by midwives
The emergence of the 'waiting game'
A reply to Goddard's 'spirituality as integrative energy'
The primary holisms in nursing
Nursing and the health of the nation
Professionalization of nursing
The impact of the commissioning agenda upon nursing practice
The use of 'dementia care mapping' as a method of evaluating care received by patients with dementia-an initiative to improve quality of life
Identification of nursing management diagnoses
Studying the future
Patients' needs in hospital
Patient satisfaction in a nurse-led rheumatology clinic
A telephone survey of day-surgery eye patients
Hope in nursing research
Nurse teachers' perceptions of information technology
Computer literacy in nursing
The clinical role of nurse teachers within a Project 2000 course framework
Nursing students' response to self-directed learning
A comparison of the reported early experiences of a group of student nurses with those of a group of people outside the helping professions
Annual Review of Nursing Research
Measuring the Quality of Life
Integrating Perspectives on Health
Tears and Rage
Outcomes of Effective Management Practice
Bioethics for Health Professionals
Evaluating Women's Health Messages; A Resource Book
Asylum in the Community
Health and Social Care Management
Dilemmas of Discharge
Doors Close, Doors Open
Nursing praxis