Schizophrenic Patients Fare Badly in the Company of Scientists
Professional identity
Nursing ideology
An analysis of nursing in context
The pricing of nursing care
Culture, needs and nursing
Clarifying the concept of need
A concept analysis of consent
Encounters, endings and temporality in psychiatric nursing
Towards a critical theory of mental health nursing
Aggression in clinical settings
Alcohol-history taking by nurses and doctors-how accurate are they really?
Women's experiences of non-invasive breast cancer
Icelandic women's identifications of stressors and social support during the diagnostic phase of breast cancer
Protective care-receiving
Strategies used by chronically ill older women and their caregiving daughters in managing posthospital care
The relationship of self-perception of illness and compliance with health care regimens
Stress and quality of life in the renal transplant patient
Nutritional intake and physical activity in leg ulcer patients
Male patients with congestive heart failure and their conception of the life situation
A study of errors that can occur when weighing infants
Mixed messages in nursing research
Constructing career pathways in nursing
The politics of sex research and constructions of female sexuality
Methodological issues conducting sensitive research on lesbian and gay men's experience of nursing care
From nurse to teacher
Luckmann's Core Principles and Practice of Medical-Surgical Nursing
The Anthropology of Pregnancy Loss-Comparative Studies in Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death
Children's Nursing
Developmental Care of the Premature Baby
Culture & Nursing Care
Contemporary Issues in Nursing (1)
Scholarship in the Discipline of Nursing
Making Sense of Research-an Introduction for Nurses
Quick Reference Handbook of Oncology Drugs
Managing Chronic Illness-a Biopsychosocial Perspective
The Royal Marsden NHS Trust Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures
I Remember Virginia A. Henderson
Third International Interdisciplinary Qualitative Health Research Conference organized by the Institute of Health and Community Studies, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, England, held at the Bournemouth International Centre, 30 October-1 November 1996