The Degradation of the Academic Dogma
The human science basis of psychiatric nursing
Policy matters
Measuring care
Patient controlled analgesia and intramuscular injections
Disseminating research evidence. A controlled trial in continence care
Teaching elderly patients how to use inhalers. A study to evaluate an education programme on inhaler technique, for elderly patients
Factors affecting the decision of nursing students in Taiwan to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B infection
Becoming a mother-an analysis of women's experience of early motherhood
The impact of prematurity and neonatal illness on the decision to breast-feed
Caring for a child with a progressive illness during the complex chronic phase
Paying to participate
Methodological issues in the evaluation of the quality of public health nursing
Primary health care in Swaziland
Gynaecological nursing
Recovering from the death of a spouse
Using multi-sensory environments with older people with dementia
Nurses' learning experience and expressed opinions regarding seclusion practice within one NHS trust
A study of the educational and research priorities of registered nurses in rural Australia
Can action research be applied in developing clinical teaching?
Caring-a masculine perspective
A literature review of advanced clinical nursing practice in the United States of America
Conceptualizing advanced nursing practice
Developing the nurse as a knowledge worker in health-learning the artistry of practice
Managing change in nurse education
Assimilating sociology
Analysis of data over time
Cancer Nursing
Self-Care Nursing in a Multicultural Context
Pressure sore prevention
Genito-urinary medicine for nurses
The Politics of Nursing Knowledge
Workplace Health Employee Fitness and Exercise
Adults with Autism
Mental Health Nursing
Guidelines in Gastroenterology (1-7)
Ophthalmic Nursing
Teaching pack-Bloodborne infections
Child and adolescent services, safeguards for young minds, young people and protective legislation
A response to Colleen Varcoe
Clinical Nurse Specialism Conference on the theme 'The route to improving practice'