Grasping the nettle-the involvement of the nurse in management decision making
'Becoming a mother'-developing a new theory of early motherhood
Breast self-examination
A study to ascertain gynaecological patients' perceived levels of embarrassment with physical and psychological care given by female and male nurses
Family members' experiences of their role in a hospital
The role of communication in nursing care for elderly people
Occupational need in severe dementia
A small exploratory study of the reaction of older people to an episode of delirium
To meet with a stroke
A three-step method of self-reflection using reflective journal writing
Nursing research
Integrative nursing research-an important strategy to further the development of nursing science and nursing practice
What do registered nurses and midwives feel and know about research?
Psychometric evaluation of a questionnaire to document side-effects of chemotherapy
Analysing clinical practice guidelines. A method of documentary analysis
The problems of researching mixed sex wards
Sexuality, sexual abuse. Omissions in admissions?
Willingness to provide care and treatment for patients with HIV/AIDS
Assessing literacy for patient teaching
A conceptual foundation for human suffering in nursing care and research
Professional responsibility
The theory-practice relationship in nursing
Science, abduction and the fuzzy nurse
Supportive learning in distance education
Power and vested interests-tacit influences on the construction of nursing curricula?
What is philosophy of nursing?
The professional imagination
Changing Primary Health Care
Clinical Nursing Practices (3rd Edition)
The Named Nurse in Practice
Nursing the Critically Ill
Principles of Day Surgery Nursing
Wound Care Nursing. A Patient Centered Approach
Gender Issues in Elder Abuse
Coronary Heart Disease Prevention. A Handbook for the Healthcare Team
Managing People in the Health Service
Acquiring Interpersonal Skills. A Handbook of Experiential Learning for Health Professionals
Still Dying for a Home