United Kingdom Universities' Research Assesment Exercise 1996
Uncertainty in mothers' care for their ill children
Combining the analyses of three qualitative data sets in studying young caregivers
Self-coherence, emotional arousal and perceived health of adult children caring for a brain-impaired parent
Major strain and coping strategies as reported by family members who care for aged demented relatives
Nursing ideology and the 'generic carer'
Identifying the health needs of elderly people using the Omaha Classification Scheme
Therapeutic activities for people with dementia-what, why ... and why not?
Elderly patients' perceptions of their spiritual needs and care
Telephone hotline assessment and counselling of suicidal military service veterans in the USA
Evaluation of a nurse-led continence service in the south-west of Glasgow, Scotland
Empowering practice nurses in the follow-up of patients with established heart disease
Disability and oppression
A personal reflection on the nature of somatic treatments and the implications for mental health nursing
A challenge for community psychiatric nursing
Assessing quality in health care services
Focus groups
Different approximations of the McGill Pain Questionnaire in the Norwegian language
An ethnomethodological analysis of the use of seclusion
Sampling hard to reach populations
The effects of an HIV/AIDS educational programme on the anxiety level of nursing students
Nursing knowledge, theory and method revisited
Assessing and preparing students for distance preceptorship placements
Nursing students' and faculty's perceptions of the characteristics of 'best' and 'worst' clinical teachers
A longitudinal framework for fostering critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning
Use of the QSR.NUD.IST computer program to identify how clinical midwife mentors view their work
Drugs for the Elderly
Nursing and Health Care Research
The Complete Scholl Guide to Healthcare For Legs
Nursing Theories and Models