The debates emerging from the literature surrounding the concept of spirituality as applied to nursing
Process consent
Severe mental illness, statutory supervision and mental health nursing in the United Kingdom
Occupational stress and community mental health nursing
Is befriending by trained volunteers of value to people suffering from long-term mental illness?
Consumerism and health care
Nursing in the dialysis unit
Pain and powerlessness
Perceptions and practice of universal blood and body fluid precautions by registered nurses at a major Sydney teaching hospital
Attitudes of professionals, students and the general public to HIV/AIDS and people with HIV/AIDS
Adolescents' perceptions of physicians, nurses, parents and friends
Importance of information following myocardial infarction
The case for case studies in nursing research
Playing the power game for qualitative researchers
Barriers to and facilitators of research utilization, as perceived by a group of registered nurses in Sweden
The delivery of quality nursing care
Misinterpretive phenomenology
The Tredgold Model of Nursing
An adjusted version of Kohlberg's moral theory
Establishing an international network on nurses' clinical reasoning
A survey of psychiatric nursing practice in two inner city acute admission wards
Cancer patient and staff ratings of the importance of caring behaviours and their relations to patient anxiety and depression
The impact of management of change projects on practice
Synthesis in nursing knowledge
Clinical Oncology-Basic Principles and Practice
Radiotherapy. A Guide for Practice
Psychosocial Palliative Care. Good Practice in the Care of the Dying and Bereaved
Understanding Loss and Grief (with Trainer's Notes-Supporting Loss and Grief)
COPC-Depression and Anxiety Intervention Guide
Foundations of Mental Health Nursing
Developing a Private Practice in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
The NHS R&D Context for Nursing Research
Hospital-Acquired Infection
Nursing as a Therapeutic Activity
Pharmacology. An Introductory Text