Towards a partnership in care
Handling and control of peripheral intravenous lines
'Out of the sighs'-an existential-phenomenological method of clinical supervision
Patients' and nurses' perceptions of the quality of nursing care in Kuwait
A review of the outcome of stoma surgery on spinal cord injured patients
Nurse caring behaviours
Case management
Privacy in hospital
The philosophical and sociological context of mental health care legislation
Perceived social support and community adaptation in schizophrenia
Psychosocial changes following retirement
Mentally restorative experiences supporting rehabilitation of high functioning elders recovering from hip surgery
Labour ward midwives' perceptions of stress
Infertility and early parent-infant interactions
The role of cognitive-behavioural therapy in the management of pain in patients with sickle cell disease
Towards a politics of trust
A framework to identify learning needs for continuing nurse education using information technology
'The buck stops here'
Learning by reflection
Planning flexible education to match the needs of consumers
The role of reflection in single and double loop learning
Reflection and patterns of knowing in nursing
Using bioscience knowledge in nursing
'A good person does not feel envy'
The effects of aftercare on chronic patients and frail elderly patients when discharged from hospital
A case study analysis of nurses' roles, education and training needs associated with patient-focused care
Care in the Community
Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing
The Challenge of Promoting Health
The Work of Dr Edward Bach
Success in Practical Nursing-Personal and Vocational Issues
Annual Review of Nursing Research
Context and Method in Qualitative Research
Help to Hand
ENB Link CD.ROM 1997, 3131-60
Human Nutrition
Surgical Nursing