Pre-registration diploma students: a quantitative study of entry characteristics and course outcomes
Assessing educational effectiveness: the impact of a specialist course on the delivery of care
Taking care as a relationship: a phenomenological view
The 'greying' of the United Kingdom nursing workforce: implications for employment policy and practice
Health professionals' perspectives on service delivery in two Northern Ireland communities
Methodological issues in the development and use of instruments to assess patient nutritional status or the level of risk of nutritional compromise
Physical touch in nursing studies: a literature review
Blood gas analysis: a study of blood loss in intensive care
Vital signs and nurses' choices of titrated dosages of intravenous morphine for relieving pain following cardiac surgery
Patients' evaluation of pain and nurses' management of analgesics after surgery. The effect of a study day on the subject of pain for nurses working at the thorax surgery department
Improving patients' postoperative sleep: a randomized control study comparing subcutaneous with intravenous patient-controlled analgesia
An embedded decisional model of stress and coping: implications for exploring treatment decision making by women with breast cancer
Psychiatric nursing in prison: the state of the art?
A national survey of practice nurse involvement in mental health interventions
Training for transformation: reorientating primary health care nurses for the provision of mental health care in South Africa
Women's perceptions of phenomena they label premenstrual tension: normal experiences reflecting ordinary behaviour
A discussion of the legal aspects of female genital mutilation
Violence in mental health care: the experiences of mental health nurses and psychiatrists
Trends in ophthalmology services, nursing skill-mix and education: 2nd national survey
The nurse's role in drug handling within municipal health and medical care
An evaluative study of clinical supervision based on Proctor's three function interactive model
Implementing new health visiting services through action research: an analysis of process
Practice development: ambiguity in research and practice
A hermeneutic textual analysis of suffering and caring in the peri-operative context
Representing nursing judgements in the electronic health record
Nursing research Conference organised by the Royal College of Nursing of the United Kingdom Research Society, held at Keele University, Keele, England, 23-25 April 1999
Counselling and Communication Skills for Medical and Health Practitioners
Breakdown: A Personal Crisis and a Medical Dilemma
Counselling in the Psychological Services
Counseling the Terminally Ill: Sharing the Journey
Serious Mental Health Problems in the Community: Policy, Practice and Research
Listening to Life Stories
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Aging and Disabilities: Seeking Common Ground
Aging: the Social Context
Nursing Practice & Health Care - a foundation text
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