Nurses and whistleblowing: the ethical issues
Setting the context for research: exploring the philosophy and environment of a cancer clinical trials unit
Care under threat in the modern world
A comparison between the ethics of justice and the ethics of care
An integrated approach to ethical decision-making in the health team
Health promotion and the role of the school nurse: a systematic review
Development and definition of the role of the operating department nurse: a review
Adults with terminal illness: a literature review of their needs and wishes for food
Understanding beliefs and meanings in the experience of cancer: a concept analysis
Exploration of the concept of hope in the Dominican Republic
Concept analysis: chronic fatigue
Fatigue in persons with renal failure who require maintenance haemodialysis
Women’s views of counselling received in connection with breast-feeding after reduction mammoplasty
Does the duration of postnatal stay influence breast-feeding rates at one month in women giving birth for the first time? A randomized control trial
Successful breast-feeding as a result of a health education programme for mothers
Personal control in pain relief during labour
‘I don’t have any other choice’: spouses’ experiences of placing a partner in a care home for older people in Sweden
Nursing home placement: an exploration of the experiences of family carers
Using restraint with nursing home residents: a qualitative study of nursing staff perceptions and decision-making
Dementia care mapping: an approach to quality audit of services for people with dementia in two health districts
The health-related quality of life in a Swedish sample of HIV-infected persons
The interplay between social and cultural context and perceptions of cardiovascular disease
Heart health-associated health beliefs and behaviours of adolescents of African and African Caribbean descent in two cities in the United Kingdom
Waiting for coronary artery bypass surgery: a qualitative analysis
Developing and testing an instrument for the measurement of individual care
The critical incident technique and nursing care quality research
Nurse-sensitive outcomes of advanced practice
Evaluating educational preparation for a health education role in practice: the case of medication education
Discourse analysis of an ‘observation levels’ nursing policy
Clinical supervision as an emancipatory process: avoiding inappropriate intent
Interpersonal Communication and Psychology for Health Care Professionals
Pharmacology: an Open Learning Introduction for Healthcare Workers
Venous Leg Ulcers: a Guide for Patients and Caregivers
Intensive Care Nursing: a Framework for Practice
Nursing Administration in the 21st Century: A Self-Care Theory Approach
Making Sense of Practice Finance
Couples in Care and Custody
Care Matters, Concepts, Practices and Research in Health and Social Care
Epidemiology: An Introduction
The Research Process in Nursing
Designing and Analysing Questionnaires and Surveys
The Nature of Theoretical Thinking in Nursing
Theory and Practice in Human Services
Classics Texts in Health Care
Promoting Health in Old Age
Forthcoming contents for Volume 32, Number 6, December 2000