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Oral health care needs of dependent older people: responsibilities of nurses and care staff
A qualitative study of stress factors in the early stage of acute traumatic hand injury
Journey towards recovery following physical trauma
Women’s experience of suffering repeated severe attacks of acute intermittent porphyria
Patient satisfaction with urodynamics: a qualitative study
The relation between quality of co-ordination of nursing care and quality of life in Dutch nursing homes
Grief and older people: the making or breaking of emotional bonds following partner loss in later life
How we live: participatory research with six people with learning difficulties
A dirty business: caring for people who are a nuisance or a danger
Women recovering from first-time myocardial infarction (MI): a feminist qualitative study
Coronary artery disease patients’ perception of their health and expectations of benefit following coronary artery bypass grafting
Women’s psychosocial adjustment to diabetes
Enhancing hope in people with a first recurrence of cancer
Effects of pressure support ventilation and continuous positive airway pressure on diaphragm performance
The development and evaluation of a health education programme for pregnant women in a regional hospital, southern Thailand
Comparison of integrated and consultation-liaison models for providing mental health care in general practice in New South Wales, Australia
Legitimation of nurses’ knowledge through policies and protocols in clinical practice
The crescent and Islam: healing, nursing and the spiritual dimension. Some considerations towards an understanding of the Islamic perspectives on caring
Delayed clarification: information, clarification and ethical decisions in critical care in Norway
The diagnosis and management of acute childhood illness: is there a role for health visitors?
The development of an instrument to measure the compliance of adolescents with a chronic disease
Using focus groups to develop a culturally sensitive videotape intervention for HIV-positive women
Diary data enhancing rigour: analysis framework and verification tool
Getting it right? An exploration of issues relating to the biological sciences in nurse education and nursing practice
Psychodynamic sources of resistance among student nurses: some observations in a human relations context
The qualities of an effective mentor from the student nurse’s perspective: findings from a longitudinal qualitative study
The theory–practice gap in nursing: the role of the nurse teacher
The use of reflection in a palliative care programme: a quantitative study of the development of reflective skills over an academic year
Professional nurses’ perception of nursing mentally ill people in a general hospital setting
Clinical Evidence Issue 1
Internet Resources for Nurses
Reflective Practice: a Guide for Nurses and Midwives
Interpersonal Communication and Psychology
Getting a PhD in Health and Social Care
Surviving Post-Natal Depression. At Home, No One Hears You Scream
Trilateral Initiative for North American Nursing. An Assessment of North American Nursing.
Feeding China’s Little Emperors: Food, Children and Social Change
Forthcoming contents for Volume 33, Number 1, January 2001