This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Nurse education in Mbarara, Uganda
Problem-based learning in a new Canadian curriculum
Measuring the socialization of graduate and diplomate nurses using the Corwin Role Orientation Scale
Women’s anxieties surrounding breast disorders: a systematic review of the literature
Nursing student–patient relationship: a review of the literature from 1984 to 1998
Herbal products and conventional medicines used by community-residing older women
Vulnerability to health problems in female informal caregivers of persons with HIV/AIDS and age-related dementias
Mothers’ coping in chronic childhood illness: the effect of presymptomatic diagnosis of vesicoureteric reflux
An exploration of the relationships between uncertainty, psychological distress and type of coping strategy among Chinese men after cardiac catheterization
Experiences of coercion in psychiatric care as narrated by patients, nurses and physicians
Observing washing and dressing of stroke patients: nursing intervention compared with occupational therapists. What is the difference?
The use of metaphor in district nursing: maintaining a balance
Universal vs. selective services: the case of British health visiting
Forecasting models for human resources in health care
Equal opportunities policies and nursing employment within the British National Health Service
Measuring patient outcomes
Rheumatology – a handbook for community nurses
Understanding suicidal behaviour
Complications in the intensive care unit
Reflexive methodology – new vistas for qualitative research
Forthcoming contents for Volume 33, Number 2, January 2001