This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Postnatal depression – biological or cultural? A comparative study of postnatal women in the UK and Taiwan
Stories seldom told: paediatric nurses’ experiences of caring for hospitalized children with special needs and their families
The paediatric diabetes specialist nurse and diabetes education in childhood
Relatives of hospitalized stroke patients: their needs for information, counselling and accessibility
Impact of urinary and climacteric symptoms on social and sexual life after surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women: a long-term outcome
A case study of nurse management of upper respiratory tract infections in general practice
Male appropriation and medicalization of childbirth: an historical analysis
Data collection with adolescents
Exploring caring using narrative methodology: an analysis of the approach
Harm reduction theories and strategies for control of human immunodeficiency virus: a review of the literature
‘More than just money’ – widening the understanding of the costs involved in cancer care
Comparisons of the cost-effectiveness among hospital chronic care, nursing home placement, home nursing care and family care for severe stroke patients
Nursing in the public sphere: health policy research in a changing world
Occupational stressors and coping as determinants of burnout in female hospice nurses
The nurse’s workload in care situations
Critical Perspectives on Mental Health
Teaching, Assessing and Evaluation for Clinical Competence
Understanding Perioperative Nursing
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures, 5th edition
Forthcoming contents for Volume 33, Number 4, February 2001