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Current issues and forthcoming events
The nature and effect of communication difficulties arising from interactions between district nurses and South Asian patients and their carers
Sources of support for older people after discharge from hospital: 10 years on
‘Chatting’: an important clinical tool in facilitating mothering in neonatal nurseries
Women’s experiences of ‘being diagnosed’ with a long-term illness
Can a home-based pelvic examination be used in assessing reproductive morbidity in population-based studies? A Jordanian experience
Menopause-associated problems: types and magnitude. A study in the Ain Al-Basha area, Jordan
The relationship between menstrual attitudes and menstrual symptoms among Taiwanese women
The concept of spiritual care in mental health nursing
Further testing of the Mental Health Problems Perception Questionnaire
Simplified Japanese Self-Perception Scale for Young Adults (SJS-PSYA) to identify risk cases
Action research in action: reflections on a project to introduce Clinical Practice Facilitators to an acute hospital setting
A literature review on the concept of intimacy in nursing
Advancing the science of symptom management
Utility of health belief model as a guide for explaining or predicting breast cancer screening behaviours
The parturient woman: can there be room for more than ‘one person with full and equal rights inside a single human skin’* ?
Self-Assessment Colour Review of Paediatric Nursing and Child Health
The Midwife–Mother Relationship
Health Psychology: A Textbook, 2nd edition
Forthcoming contents for Volume 33, Number 6, March 2001