This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
A measure of critical care nurses’ post-code stress
The importance of conducting and reporting pilot studies: the example of the Scottish Births Survey
Psychometrics of a Chinese translation of the swallowing questionnaire
An assessment of the patients’ needs in Mental Health Education
Chronic illness – a disruption in life: identity-transformation among women with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
Adults’ recollections of their experiences as young caregivers of family members with chronic physical illnesses
How do we facilitate carers’ involvement in decision making?
Nurses’ attitudes to terminally ill patients
Changes in health visitors’ work
Corporate working in health visiting: a concept analysis
Technology and humane nursing care: (ir)reconcilable or invented difference?
Subject positions theory – its application to understanding collaboration (and confrontation) in critical care
Burnout in psychiatric nursing
The relationship between support and stress in forensic community mental health nursing
The lived experience of clinical development unit (nursing) leadership in Western Sydney, Australia
Research Training For Social Scientists
Telephone Triage in an Opthalmic A & E Department
Caring for Health
Forthcoming contents for Volume 34, Number 4, May 2001