This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Back to the bedpans: the debates over preregistration nursing education in England
Emotion work in midwifery: a review of current knowledge
The relationship between attendance at birth and maternal mortality rates: an exploration of United Nations’ data sets including the ratios of physicians and nurses to population, GNP per capita and female literacy
Negotiating motherhood: the struggles of teenage mothers
Axillary and tympanic membrane temperature recording in the preterm neonate: a comparative study
No more tears: a randomized controlled double-blind trial of Amethocaine gel vs. placebo in the management of procedural pain in neonates
Nonpharmacological methods in relieving children’s postoperative pain: a survey on hospital nurses in Finland
Experiences of well spouses after lung transplantation
Forced externalization of control in people with diabetes: a qualitative exploratory study
Power and self-perceived health in blind diabetic and nondiabetic individuals
Patients with congestive heart failure and their conceptions of their sleep situation
Mutual relating: developing interpersonal relationships in the community
Finnish occupational health nurses’ work and expertise: the clients’ perspective
The utility of self-care theory as a theoretical basis for self-neglect
JAN Forum: your views and letters
Development of a theoretical framework describing relatives’ involvement in palliative care
Handbook of Action Research — Participative Inquiry and Practice
QSR N5 (previously known as NUD*IST)
Practical Nursing Philosophy: the Universal Ethical Code
Infection Control — Science, Management and Practice
Public Health: Policy and Politics
Forthcoming contents for Volume 34, Number 5, June 2001