This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
The implications of contact with the mentor for preregistration nursing and midwifery students
Nursing students’ perceptions of research: usefulness, implementation and training
Perceptions of labour pain by mothers and their attending midwives
Constructions of sexuality for midlife women living with chronic illness
A study of practising nurses’ perceptions and experiences of intimacy within the nurse–patient relationship
Women’s narratives during the acute phase of their myocardial infarction
Going home from hospital: the carer/patient dyad
The quality of life for Hong Kong dialysis patients
Developing an evidence base for interdisciplinary learning: a systematic review
Methodologies analysing individual practice in health care: a systematic review
Continuous video recording: a new clinical research tool for studying the nursing care of cancer patients
Improvements in the quality of co-ordination of nursing care following implementation of the Resident Assessment Instrument in Dutch nursing homes
The team survey: a tool for health care team development
Methodological issues in interviewing families in family nursing research
The quality of perioperative care: development of a tool for the perceptions of patients
Your Research Project – A Step-By-Step Guide for the First-Time Researcher
Poverty and Child Health, 2nd edition
The 10-Minute Diagnosis Manual
Forthcoming contents for Volume 35, Number 3, August 2001