This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Clarification of conceptualizations of empathy
Concept analysis: abuse of ageing caregivers by elderly care recipients
Critical analysis of everyday self-care decision making in chronic illness
Intuition: an important tool in the practice of nursing
Decision making for health care professionals: use of decision trees within the community mental health setting
Adaptation of an instrument to measure the informational needs of men with prostate cancer
Expanding the enablement framework and testing an evaluative instrument for diabetes patient education
‘Best research practice’: in pursuit of methodological rigour
Response to: ‘A comparative study of death anxiety in hospice and emergency nurses’ by S.A. Payne, S.J. Dean & C. Kalus (1998) Journal of Advanced Nursing 28, 700–706
Response to Ashfield’s critique
Statistician’s response to Ashfield’s critique
Response to: ‘The idea of nursing science’ by S.D. Edwards (1999) Journal of Advanced Nursing 29, 563–569.
Response to: ‘Midwives’ support needs as childbirth changes’ by M. Kirkham & H. Stapleton (2000) Journal of Advanced Nursing 32, 465–472.
Response to Roche Reid’s critique
Response to: Male appropriation and medicalization of childbirth: an historical analysis by H.A. Cahill (2001) Journal of Advanced Nursing 33, 334–342.
A response to Mander’s critique
Evaluating psychosocial nursing interventions for cardiac clients and their caregivers: a case study of the community rehabilitation network in Hong Kong
Are auditory warnings in the intensive care unit properly adjusted?
The effects of handholding on anxiety in cataract surgery patients under local anaesthesia
Eating difficulties, complications and nursing interventions during a period of three months after a stroke
Feeling at home in nursing homes
A study of the impact of discharge information for surgical patients
Seniors’ decision making about pain management
Humour between nurse and patient, and among staff: analysis of nurses’ diaries
A psychoanalytically informed conversation with a woman and her husband following major surgery for cancer of her neck and torso
Case Study Method
Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses, 11th Edition
Gender Issues in Ethnography, 2nd edition
Fundraising Skills for Health Care Executives
Forthcoming contents for Volume 35, Number 4, August 2001